KJFK issue

It seem that Airport KJFK is having some problems when landing there is no landing strip or anything the game will glitch and the ground will be black. anybody know what the issue is?

Thank you for contacting support!

The issue you are experiencing have been resolved with a new version of Infinite Flight.
So all you have to do is to visit App Store / Play Store and update Infinite Flight.

More information about the update and it’s content can be found here:

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I have downloaded the latest version of IF here is today flight looks


Thank you for the screenshot!
It looks like you have lost connection to something by looking at the top right corner.

Could you please tap on the red exclamation mark and see what it is you’ve lost connection to?

I have ended the flight but when i clicked on it said that it was a connection error. no violation error or nothing. That happened as well as soon i got into range of JFK.

Thank you.

The most likely reason you experienced this is because of the connectivity error you had.

If it happens again and you see the status icon being red, make sure you tap on it and screenshot whatever it’s warning about.

You guys fixed that black terrain issue we were having a couple of day ago in the update because I dont see any more post since the update. If I’m not mistaken @schyllberg

Yes, we did. So hopefully no more of that, given the connection is good :)

will do i try to fly there again today and see if it happens again! thanks for the help!

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Feel free to drop me a PM if it does.

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I’m just gonna throw my experience in just for a reference. Last time i got the black floor glitch was when i got disconnected from the server because my internet was slow.
The red exclamation mark was there obviously, it could be the same case here?

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