KJFK ILS 22L Navigation Error

I just flew into JFK on the ILS 22L approach when the plane veered hard left.
When checking back, the approach loaded the DPK VOR as a waypoint.

When you check against the actual plate, DPK R-283 is used to intersect the ILS to create the waypoint ROSLY, and is not part of the approach itself. The final intersection ZALPO is also missing.


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I am not sure if this is a known issue, however at some point the mods or devs will swing by and take note of it.

Good catch by the way :)

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Hey there! Nice find!

This data is based solely on NAVBLUE data, which is generally extremely accurate! It’s guaranteed that some things will still be off due to update 20.1 being the first iteration with this new data provider. The developers and testers haven’t been able to test every airport around the world and that’s why community reports like this are great! This will be looked at and will be addressed internally by the Staff and Development Team (as will all of the other Missing/Incorrect STAR/SID Procedures that have been reported).

If you find other procedures that are off; and if you can back it up with a verified chart, feel free to report it so the developers can be made aware

Thanks for your understanding! Hope that you’re enjoying the update! :)


You would switch to NAV1 at that point for ILS actually.

Here is the plate:

And certainly there are a few reasons this could be happening:

  1. IF is receiving a custom export and that is missing these waypoints
  2. Mixed plates like this (containing RNAV and ILS waypoints) are a special case that needs accounting
  3. There’s a more general import issue that is leaving out a large swath of waypoints
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It looks like you selected the correct IAF for your approach, so that’s odd that it put it in. Not part of the missed segment either. However, DPK is an IAF for this approach. You could be cleared for this approach before DPK and the initial segment from there is as depicted, track 283 for 15.1nm to ROSLY with an MEA of 3,000ft.

ROSLY can be identified three ways. GPS, by ATC (Radar Fix), and the intersection of D12.0 IIWY and D15.1 DPK.


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