KJFK - EIDW @KJFK-260015ZDEC19 (Cessna Citation)

Hey everybody,

Does someone want to cross the atlantic with me with a citation. I dont have a flight plan yet, but when well go ill dm you the flightplan and all the other info. Its a nice 7.5 hour flight and its pretty special since youre flying a privatejet across the atlantic.

Merry christmas :D

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Make a group flight In #live:groupflights and follow the format in the link below:)
Happy Holidays

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Rogerr :) will do

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When @Alphadog4646 told you to use the correct formatting all you had to do was edit the title instead of make a whole new topic.
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Sorry i shouldve deleted it

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I’ll do it with you, although I had a hiccup during the week so I won’t be on expert until next week but definitely up for it

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