KJFK-EGLL in f-22

Just landed in EGLL … It was an adventure to say the least I think next time I will set up with a tanker

Would be cool to have a fighter formation fly with schedule tanker intercept I would be down to set up a flight plan if anyone is interested


I love flying the KC10. We can setup something if you want?
would be even more fun with multiple fighters!

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Yeah I would love to I’m actually logging in right now I have some free time going to be flying around JFK training server

I just posted for fighter formation flight to see if anybody’s interested

will join you right now @Anthony_Coffaro

Hey your call sighn tanker

I’m actually doing air traffic control at JFK I’m going to tell you thank you good day

Once I give your take on Clarence I’m going to jump in an F 22 and get up in the air behind you

Hey i see in in jfk tower

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