KJFK-EGLL in f-22

Going for it lol running 1 engine

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Just refiled at cyyt

Training server

You will make it pretty sure flight time likes 2 hours 50 min don’t engines to 100 jst set engines at Mach 2

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Good luck on this

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Good luck!

Wasn’t it LFVP ?

Whats lfvp?

I could of… but i wasted to much getting to altitude

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Any one ever do a mid air refuel ?

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where are you now? I can get a tanker up there and try to meet you

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That would be awesome if you took off from egll an fly direct to cyay the flight paths intersect

850 nm from egll

Better yet taking off from einn

450 nm from einn

going airborne now. I’ll head direct cyay

An airport. Tracked your flight to see if you would make it. haha.

Have you landed?

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Yes I had assistance from thunder he flew a tanker out to me

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I landed at EIDW I was off duty at work … Dispatch called me with a pick up when I arrive in 20 minutes for the pick up I will be off duty again and will continue in the flight to EGLL

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