KJFK-EDDF Flight Lufthansa 401

Did my first flight across the Atlantic and decided to go for the Lufthansa 747-8 and flight 401 that exists in reality. Wanted to share some pics along the flight

Training Server [Global]
Takeoff at KJFK at around 15:00 UTC Arrival at EDDF at around 21:45 UTC
Cruising Altitude: FL350 , then FL370
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85 (MMO being 0.9 and maximum usual cruise speed being 0.86)
Had a good tail wind across the sea and flight time 6:45
View over KJFK and New York before leaving North

Banking left after Takeoff on 31L

Sun setting midflight

Touchdown at night on 07C at EDDF (quite dark)


beautiful pictures

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Welcome to this great forum!

Hope to see if these beaut posts! 😊

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Nice! My first flight across the pond was a British Airways Boeing 787-9 Callsign Speedbird 10 Heavy, Flight time was 8 hours from Heathrow to JFK, but you had that lucky tailwind

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Thank you for all the kind words people!
Whenever I get time for a flight in the future I’ll make sure to grab some nice pics ;)
The tailwind was really helpful. I really like to use windy.com to see what’s going on on my route, it’s not always 100% accurate to infinite flight weather but it gets the job done to give you an idea.
I recommend you go check it out

My first was New York to Paris or New York to London or one of those places from LA.

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