KJFK doesn’t load

Operating system:
I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but from the new update where Infinite Flight updated KJFK, it has never been able to load and shows grass. I have a few screenshots from my flight from KMIA to KJFK but I have more if needed. I hope this can be resolved soon because KJFk was a great updated 3D airport to have.

Hello! Try clearing your scenery cache. This can be found in settings near the bottom


You can try a few things such as managing your scenery cache, looking at your storage, reducing graphics settings, et cetera.

Try the above but, if that doesn’t work, just know the team are aware and are looking to a resolution.



Hi, thanks for the reply! I tried that but when I spawned in KJFK it still wasn’t there.

For the storage, should I clear the replay’s?

Go ahead and try that, yes. Download any memorable bits first as deleting your replays is permanent.

Sorry, it didn’t work but thanks for your help!

Many people have been reporting this problem and I think devs are trying to find a way to fix it. It’s not only a cache problem I think

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I hope they fix it soon!

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