KJFK approach/departure guidelines

So after playing around on the training server earlier I realized some of you may not understand the basics of ATC and how to create a positive “flow” in and out of your airspace. (I got a little frustrated when I had a guy taxi me to 31R depart me, have me fly the right downwind then come back to Land on 31L) so here’s a little something I drew up to help you if you want to practice becoming an awesome ATC! artistic skills severely lacking image



It’s a beautiful picture. You should look into taking @THE-OP’s job.


It’s a CFI aren’t you required to be an artist?

Thanks for this Andrew!

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God I wish I still had the pictures of what I drew on the whiteboard at the FSDO taking my MEI exam. Trying to explain single engine stuff and asymmetric thrust… it was terrible! 😂

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@JoshFly8 no way man, I’m no designer lol I just understand the basic concepts. Designing real STARs or SIDs wouldn’t be my thing. I’ll stick to flying them😆

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When I have to draw on maps, that is damn near exactly how it looks, just with straighter lines 😂 then I crumple it up and toss it in the can

@JoshFly8 4 positions are open… prior experience is required though


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