KJFK Aircraft Movements Time lapse

Has to be my favorite Time Lapse to date :p
Birdseye view of Aircraft movements @ JFK


That looks cool. 👍


Nice video!

Who said I wanted this in live? If this had been filmed from an ATC POV then sure, but its not about live ATC therefore I would perfer this moved back to general :)
Keep in mind the definition for the live section…

Thanks :)

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@D_Gee, the Live category is for everything related to Live other than ATC and Events - they have their own subcategories. :)


Ive posted these in general before with no issue…

Think there is a lot more things that need moved in general before my post gets moved…

I mean its one thing to mod the wall but there is a fine line between doing your job and over policing the wall. Sure if I had posted in support or something but lets be honest in terms of the discussion that actually gets posted in each section is there much difference between live & general ? Nope…

This was clearly taken in live and has everything to do with the category, I do not see the grey area here. Being moved to live is not a punishment. To reply to your above post, live and ATC categories are different, if this was filmed from the tower point of you it would be in the ATC category and not the life category. This was not filmed in that point of view so it belongs in live.


Couldnt say Ive visited the live section a hell of a lot before. Bit like moving my lemonade stand from the main road to some sketchy side street.

I could understand that concern, but most people don’t view by category and just view the latest posts instead. In this case your post will get just as much attention as it would in general.

This is a great video and really shows how much Infinite Flight has evolved. You can see many different aircraft and it clearly portrays a real world situation.


How long did you have to sit in real time to get that much recording?

I fell asleep while it was recording. I’ll put it that way lol. Not sure on an actual time but it was a while.

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