KJAC Realistic Airport Event | FlyIn/FlyOut | 20MAY23 2000Z

For sure but doesn’t look like @Flyin.Hawaiian will be giving it up 😂

I have checked it can spawn at a gate. But the runway is 2k short of feet, but I can make it if I go full throttle💀

And if I cant take the md11 I taking the E175

My hope was to fly to Atlanta, and then get there in-time for Alanna fly out, and head to Princess Juliana, from there.

To MFR pls

I honest to god am not surprised.

Same goes for me seeing you and the MD-11 a few messages up

If it fits at the gate, it fits the job. :>

said no one ever

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This one please!

Idc MD-11 is goat change my mind


Therefore the MD11 will not be there. Therefore “aircraft is too large for airport” 😂

You both are signed up! Thanks for joining!

@AIDAN101 @The_Real_Plane_Spott


Also wouldn’t fit the event name

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Oke :<

sad Topgottem noises

Can I change to delta E175, service to Atlanta?

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Only if you can find a KJAC-KATL flight on Flightaware using the E175 😉👍🏼

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oke I will keep my current route

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Could I get this as AA2596?

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You’re signed up! @EastTexasAviationYT

Roger that! @Topgottem

Thanks guys!

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Thanks I love these realistic flyouts!

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