Kiz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


I would like to invite you for my Ground/Tower ATC session at OMDW.
Feedback is highly appreciated.

Training Server

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I’ll try stopping by now!

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Sorry, I had to go, but here’s some feedback

First off, you did really fantastic catching me when I moussed over into the grass, although it did take you while. You also did a good job catching me when I duplicated the frequency change.

You cleared me to takeoff right before the C750. That was a bit risky, you should have either instructed him to go around or had me wait for him because we got pretty close. Also, remember that me in my GA aircraft is a whole lot slower than a jet. So when you told me to maintain best forward speed to keep a good distance between me and the C750, I was already going full throttle.

Otherwise, fantastic job!

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Thanks for the feedback. From my end, the space between your XV luv and the Citation was sufficient. Either way, a lesson learnt.

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Hey! Thanks for opening; I was T-AIPEI in the A318. I’ve got some feedback for you below:

  • R2D2 could have been cleared for takeoff without being told to LUAW. I was seconds away from rotating when he requested takeoff clearance, so there’s no way that he would have began takeoff roll before I was airborne.
  • I noticed that you kept adding “after the option, make XX traffic.” This wasn’t necessary since you already told us which direction to go on our takeoff clearance.
  • There was one circuit where you gave me a second clearance. I’m not sure what that was about, so I’m curious as to what your thought process was.
  • On my runway change, you first issued a clearance. Then, you gave an appropriate pattern entry and clearance with a direction (perfect). Next time, omit that initial clearance and you’re golden.

Nice job! Keep practicing and see if you can get more pilots in the pattern. Good work! :)


About the runway change, the reason why I had to redo the whole clearance and patten entry is because I wanted to avoid crowding the ‘left side’ of the airport, otherwise I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for the feedback.

Here we go again.

Airport: KDAL
Server: Training
Time: 1315Z

Welcome. As always, any feedback is appreciated :)

Edit: Postponed. TBD

Good morning/afternoon/evening from whenever you are,

Join me at 1735Z at EGNT as I take on Ground/Tower

Any feedback is appreciated.


Closed due to lack of participants 😕

Join me at Newcastle, UK(EGNT)

Training Seerver

Runways in use: 07

METAR: EGNT 281850Z AUTO 09004KT 9999 NCD 07/02 Q1007

Hey good job! I only had time to do one pattern but it was flawless in my opinion. Good luck with your pursuit of IFATC; I actually have my practical test today!

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Thanks for stopping by! I wish you all the best in the practical.

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Newcastle is still open for business. Come, fly a pattern or two, a transition etc.

METAR: EGNT 281950Z AUTO 10004KT 080V150 9999 NCD 07/02 Q1007

RWY 07 in use.

Session has ended.

Welcome to Mombasa

After a long time, I’m back!

Join me at HKMO at 1810Z(you can still spawn in now) as we test out the Ground/twr frequencies.

Runways in use: 21, 15.

HKMO 151500Z 21009KT 9999 FEW024 SCT080 26/24 Q1013 NOSIG

  • Do patterns
  • Runway changes
  • Transitions etc

Welcome 🙏🏾

Thank you Captsumtinwong for showing up.

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