Kiwirok Airport [WAJK] with curved runway

Just a curious thing I’ve found in the Kiwirok International Airport in Indonesia.

At one of it’s end, the runway it’s curved.


Here some footage:

And the Google Map view:,140.7386747,686m/data=!3m1!1e3

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Wow the video really brings this into perspective! Welcome to the community too ;)

The minions are going to say this belongs in #RWA however this is such a cool find I’m moving it for you.

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All I can say is wow that’s really odd

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@AgustinL… MaxSez: Always include the ICIO in the text and title. (great bio mug shot & first post.)


I tried to create it in #RWA but I couldn’t. I think it’s because my status.

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It must have to do with the forest boundary.

Awesome information! If you asked me why the runway is curved, I would say it must be related due to the terrain around the airfield. As most of you already have known, Papua is known with steep terrain and pretty isolated from other parts of Indonesia. That’s only my opinion btw 😉

Nice to see interesting remote airports in Indonesia. There are plenty of interesting yet dangerous but unique airfields in here. Thanks for the knowledge 😊

Welcome to the forum by the way, and have a pleasant stay here. Our members and moderators will always be ready to help you :)


Why though?! How is this necessary?!

Looks like theres a ravine at the threshold of the runway. Go to the 25 second mark on the video and look at the bottom left of the video. You’ll see how the runway just hugs the cliff. Neat video by the way.


I live in Indonesia and have never heard of this airport! I thought it was a satellite imagery problem at first but wow!
@Maxmustang ICAO*


@HEYEY. MaxSez: A complete list of all airports by ICAO in Indonesia is available at Wikipedia just GOOGLE SEARCH: “Airports Codes by ICAO in Indonesia”. Change the search term to any country for the same result. Regards


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in IF the runway is not curved😟😔

Though it seems to acknowledge it, since the picture shows the start position on the end that is curved, as you can see, the engine is not on yet, so I did not move


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