Kiwi Khristmas @ NZAA - 082000ZDEC18

Server: Exper

Airport: NZAA

Date:8th December 2018

Time: 2000Zulu

Aircraft:Qantas B738 or Jetstar A320 or NZ A320 or Virgin Australia B738.

Route:NZAA-NZCH (flight plan to be confirmed closer to pushback!)


NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Presents…Kiwi Khristmas Hop

As we prepare for Christmas (just round the corner!) help Qantas ferry shoppers from Auckland in the North Island down to Christchurch in the South. Fly out of the majestic Auckland Harbour, past the towering Mount Taranaki before crossing The Cook Strait before arriving at Christchurch in time for a spot of Christmas Shopping!

All Qantas Pilots can file a PIREP using. JST 239.

Have a great flight ( and look out for a next long haul event!)

See you in the Virtual Skies




Awesome, I may be there, If i use a VA B738 can i still file pirep? Thanks

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Great look forward to seeing you there! Yes as an event you can file a PIREP if a member of QVG.



NZAA LENGU 3734S/17438E 3759S/17431E 3813S/17426E NP 4021S/17338E 4040S/17330E 4050S/17325E NS 4210S/17253E PEAKS BLUNT 4311S/17236E ODISI DIVSU NZCH


SPEED: 0.78

Duration: 1:28

Block Fuel: 8500 kg

TOD: 135nm DTG

Will spawn from 1945Z and ready for pushback at 2000Z.

I’ll take a gate, and I’ll try and get the Team New Zealand Crew out there!

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Great look forward to seeing you then!

I will be there!! Looking forward to it!

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Will gates be assigned or First Ccome First Serve?

First come first served!

My call sign will be ‘QFA14’ once I have announced taxi then others can push back.

spawned in right next to you @David_Lockwood

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Great flight! Thanks for the company

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