Kitick's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] [Written and practical Passed]

I’m open on KLCK right now to practice for my practical, I’ll be on for about an hour, if you want to join to fly patterns or just fly please join!

Training server - Both Tower and Ground will be active!

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Hello tag me in the next session pls

I have more time now, Ill be opening KLCK again for a while.
Join if you want!

@SierraHotel I’m open again for another while if you want to join!

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Update, im switching to KAUS and im staying open for a long while.

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Feel free to tag me in your next session!

I’m opening at EDDT for a bit, come join!
@SierraHotel @Hamid_RB

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are you really open?

hi, yes, ive been sitting on it for a minute.
Is my connection not working?

oh its not, im so sorry

Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t appear to me.
Mark me when it opens, if I’m free I’ll show up because I know how much training helps.

I recommend you get into atc training too

yes, im actually in training already!
And yes, I’m looking into why my IF isnt connecting

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Alright, I think its alright now, I restarted my tablet, and a different airport worked

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