Kitick’s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello all, I just started my radar training with Erik and will be open on the training server every so often to practice! Please come around and fly some patterns or come inbound from another airport.

I currently can do any approach. Current focus is getting better with fitting inbounds into the pattern, and handling different approach types at once. As well as handling terrain in the mix.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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I’ll be down in a bit!

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Hey @Kitick, still open?

Yes, plan to be for about an hour!

Cool! I’m just going to do two patterns. Coming in 2-3

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Apologies for my early departure, device dropped from live server. Everything went well, only couple things I noticed

  • I was travelling at 250kts for the entire time, make sure to watch speed as it can impact turning times/traffic

  • Intercept angle was odd but I do believe that was caused by above

Vectoring and instructions were perfect, no complaints there, good luck on your training!

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yeah haha, I turned your base and thought, oh hes not making that intercept… Thanks for that, ill keep that in mind!

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One trick I was told is do the same 90 degree turn at 3 marker speeds (ie 150, 200, 250), Mark your start and stop positions on the map and see the differences

Helps you gauge how different speeds affect a turn time

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I’ll do one more, and I’ll send the Feedback in your DM on Discord! @Kitick

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Hiii, @Kitick! Tag me the next time you open, please! :)

@Andy I’m open at PHOG for about an hour

Sorry, wasn’t home.

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