Kitfox STi Series 7

Hey IFC!

Personally, I think we need more bush planes in IF. A high performance aircraft that gets the job done is the Kitfox STi, with it’s 100hp engine.

Features of this Aircraft

Cruising Speed: 91kt
Climb Rate: 1800FPM
Takeoff Distance: 150ft
Landing Distance: 175ft
Stall Speed: 28kt

Here is a picture of this beauty!

If you are interested, please drop a vote

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I do not believe this is a duplicate

I personally think this should wait to be added… I’m not really a fan of the Cub, mainly because the scenery isn’t the best, and the purpose of a bush plane is to explore.

I could see it in the future, but not now.

Nonetheless good feature request, I’m sure that some people will think differently than me.


Thanks for the feedback!

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you got a vote for this! fun fact Kitfox was started at this airport in 1984

and moved to this airport 25 miles away

Homedale Municipal Airport [S] |


crazy though 28kt stall speed.


seems like a very flexible aircraft indeed. Very short T/O and Landing runway usage and the stall speed at only 28kts!


Could be awesome to mess around with in solo with max winds


This could bring true floating taxiing, especially with a good headwind. Also seems like a great aircraft, too. May consider leaving a vote.


This would be awesome!

(Hint) Freedom Fox Livery. Trent Palmer

Also, we need more bush type planes. And less bouncy on the landing gear than the XCUB

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I might vote for this when we get HD scenery.


@Toon yeah…I agree

I love Kitfox more than the Xcub. Got my Vote!

Bruh still only 2 votes

i really hope they will eventually add terrain info near the poles so that we can explore alaska properly with these bush planes

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