Kit_v_kapushone’s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ PHOG

Hello everybody!
I decided to start my Radar training for moving upper in IFATC.
But on our first session with my trainer, i understand that i am not very good in understanding situation, and don’t know how planes are turning or climbing. When is the best time to turn to base, what is the best distance from ILS course to clear for Approach. So i need your help!

Airport: PHOG
Runway: 02
Approach: Only ILS and visual
Type of flying: anything you want
Server: I guess training, right?

this thread is approved by my trainer: @Andres


Hiya Egor! Great to hear that you are beginning your radar training! Which time dya think you’ll be opening up! I’d love to see if I can join!

Runway 24

I wanna try today at 20Z (or maybe kind early

Hello! I will open today from 2100Z
At PHOG, runway in use 02, approach type ILS and Visual

@Daniel_Steinman as you ser, today, if someone will come

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Hiya Egor! I’m currently attending a few more classes, but I would love to join if you open a little later this evening! Cheers!

I think i will go to sleep now,
Sorry ^^

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No worries, have an amazing night!

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Sorry, but closed due to my own affairs

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