Kit_v_kapushone’s ATC Tracking Tread [Passed written] - [CLOSE] @ N/A

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American 21 Inbound!

Feedback from American 21
First of all I apologise for only having time for 2 circuits. Im in a real airport atm prepping for boarding, but overall was a good session.

Transition altitude was spot on. So keep up that +2500AAL rule and you will keep it perfect.

Good job sequencing me behind the aircraft turning base when I went overhead.

Only improvement from my aircrafts perspective is I was disconnected shortly while turning base when I called full stop. I had already been cleared for the option. Cleared for the option clears the AC for a Touch and Go, Stop and Go, Low Pass, and Full Stop. So you did not have to give me landing clearance as I already had it.

Great job though. If my IFATC Recruitment process goes smooth, I hope to see you on the team

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Feedback from G–KEDZ:


  • [12:06z] Correct transition altitude.

  • [12:10z] Good pattern entry and clearance with direction.

  • [12:14z] Decent knowledge on runway changes.

Areas in need of improvement:

  • [12:16z] Late sequence.

  • [12:20z] Runway exit came late.


  • To avoid giving a late sequence when handling runway changes, it’s best to include the sequence into the pattern entry to save the usage of commands but also time. What you did wasn’t wrong, but you forgot to sequence me and it came too late.

  • Aim to give runway exits at around 70kts for commerical aircraft (eg. 737s, a320s etc) and 40kts for props (C172, SR22 etc). I recieved one at 50kts when it could of came at the given speed above.


Overall, it was a very good session. You seem to have the basics secured with runway changes being handled correctly. Your sequencing was evident from what i saw during the session and you have good knowledge of transition altitudes; I was pleased with what i saw. The one thing i would tell you to significantly improve is the speeds in which commands are given, a few times i had to wait quite a long time to recieve my commands. Aim to be faster to get problems out of the way as if there are more aircraft in your airspace you want to give out commands as fast as you can to focus on other aircraft as much as another.

Thanks for having me today!

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Thank you for coming!
I am trying to become better every day, so, I will try to learn what you said :)

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Hello Everyone! Today i Passed written exam, and now i need to prepare for Practical exam. So, if anyone free, i can open LFBO rn!
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Congratulations on ur exam!!! Sorry maybe next time

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@Nikita_D @SierraHotel @BAK_UOV @Dmitriy_GL @TheAaron what do you feel about flying some patterns at 3D CYOW?)
I can open it for one hour.

I’m free for now