Kit_v_kapushone’s ATC Tracking Tread [Passed written] - [CLOSE] @ N/A

It is passed 30 days from my last (accidental, i never wanted it, but it happened because my error) report by ATC, so now i am starting to prepare for apply to IFATC, i need to learn and practice a lot, and hope that you will help me :)


So, if anyone can, i can start in UUEE, my home Airport (Moscow, Russia) in 1 hour.

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Open UUEE airport.
Runway 06R/24L is closed because works on it.
Use Runway 24C for departure and 24C & 24R for landing and patterns

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Hello, when is the next workout?

Please ping me next time


Please tag next!

Today near 2000Z

Ok, no problems

Thank you! :)

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Hi there. Feel free to tag me

Thank you!

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@Dmitriy_GL @Nikita_D @BAK_UOV @SierraHotel I will open UUEE in 8 minutes for one hour.
Use runway 24C for departure, 24R/24C for landing.
No light aircraft. (Because there are no light aircrafts in Sheremetyevo)

If nobody will join me… I will close in 10 minutes and go to sleep

Sorry there. Its still early morning

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No problems, we are live in different parts of Earth, so, don’t worry :))

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@Nikita_D @SierraHotel @Dmitriy_GL @BAK_UOV I will open LFBO (Toulouse) in 5 minutes

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How long will you be open, and will you be opening later? I am at work as of now and unable to fly, but would love to do some work for feedback

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Ok, i will be open near one hour.
Later? I think next session will be near 8 hours later, because it is night for me rn.

@Nikita_D @Fat_Albert_512 @Yasin_S thank you very much!

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