KISS - Cessna Island hopping (IFWP official event)

This time we want to keep it simple - an Island hopping event in Carribien!

Date: 26’th of July
Server: Free Flight
Region: Carribien
Type of Aircraft: Cessna by your choice (excluding CCX)

  • 19.00 Zulu Spawn at TKPN
  • 19.10 Zulu Picture time
  • 19.15 Zulu Takeoff

Make sure to put following checkpoints in your flightplan:

TKPK -->TAPH–>TFFJ–>TNCM–>Final destination TFFG

Fly at an altitude of 3-4k feet.

See you in the skies!

IFWP event management team

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Looking forward to this! Will be there in a C172 ;-)

I’ll be their in my Cessna

see you guys there!

i will be there…just trying it out in my C-Citation & C-208

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here are some picture…

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@Omari_Joseph … Good stuff Joseph… Was with you for a bit… IPad Crashed!
How you like that Caravan? Max

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yea MAX!! @Maxmustang…i saw you as well…i busy with the others attempting to keep up and take photos…that caravan and i dont blend to well…major surprise i took off very well and landed very smoothly…normally i get a speed wobble and crash…hehehe

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why is there a person in the cockpit of the C-172 and none in all the other jets…hhhmmm @Maxmustang @MishaCamp @John_Preston21

It was my alter ego friends… max



as per route to be followed…some ppl went in one direct and another set in another which i followed…but we never touched on TFFR…why and how did this happen!!!..just asking