Kirito_77 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Heya everybody! This is my ATC Tracking Thread.

I am not applying to be IFATC
However I am looking to develop my ATC skills. My real life schedule permitting, I hope to open up ATC maybe once a day, perhaps even twice. I will post currently open Airports here, and also give some advanced warning as to when I’m going to open.
Feedback as always is appreciated in a constructive friendly matter.

To Open/ Currently Open

-ATC Type:

Just as a quick notice, my display name will always be

BAVA Kirito_77

Hope to see you on my radar soon!

Are you open now?

I project to open up in about 20 minutes. Hopefully EHAM ATC will be clear otherwise I will be Manning Approach and Departure

Alright, I’ll close up @ KBOI in 20 mins and head to EHAM :)

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EHAM Apr/ Dep currently open, sadly it appears tower has been taken again. I will completely understand if few people show up 😁

Look out For 5Y ERN… did one touch and go sorry I had to leave early

EHAM Apr and Departure now closed. Apologies to anyone that had to deal with the multiple unable aircraft that had occurred today.

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