kiNjaN’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Need some hours controlling, feel free to drop by, or glide by. Everyone welcome.

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Dm me next time you open ahead of time I’ll try to come by

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Wilco, thanks.

Open @ HNL

If you stopped by Thank You. Lots of room for improvements. Did many mistakes but practice makes perfect.

Flying as N492JG. I have some feedback for you, I will list my biggest issues here.

  1. I took off from runway 8L, and then you immediately changed me to 8R. Was there a reason for this? There wasn’t anyone in the pattern on 8L so I didn’t see a point in this.

  2. You didn’t clear anyone for the option/landing until they were on short final. This is way to late! You can clear someone for the option even before they turn onto downwind.

  3. After switching me to 8R, you switched me back to 8L. I understand you wanted to keep an equal amount of planes on both runways, but it just causes unnecessary confusion, especially when you only have 2 planes in the pattern.

  4. This was a big issue I saw, you told me which direction to make traffic, even though I already knew it. For example, you cleared me for the option runway 8R, right traffic. After I made the touch and go, you cleared me again, 8R, right traffic. You should’ve just cleared me for the option 8R, without the traffic pattern. You only say right/left if it was a runway change or you are changing the traffic direction.

  5. The first time I asked to switch the 22L, you responded too late so I had to turn right. However, I was going to make a circle and get on downwind. You decided to switch me back to 8L instead, thinking I wasn’t able to make the turn.

  6. You cleared the fighter jet behind me number one, even though I was still on final. He should’ve been cleared number two.

  7. When I was landing on 22L, you had me go around because Clipper was taxiing down 8L. It was clear he was about to exit the runway so the go around was a little unnecessary.

  8. The biggest issue, however, occurred once I landed. I noticed that you didn’t give anyone an exit command when they landed. These are extremely important! First, they tell the plane to exit the runway in case there is traffic landing soon. And second, they give the aircraft the right to change frequency to ground. You didn’t give me an exit command so I had to request frequency change to ground.

  9. Because I landed on 22L, I either had to turn left and taxi to parking; or turn right, cross 22R, and taxi to parking. Since I wanted to get to the main terminal area, I had to turn right. You should’ve seen that I was turning right and immediately told me to cross 22R. Since you didn’t, I decided to request to contact ground (had to ask because you didn’t give me an exit command). You saw me, and told me to cross, which was good. However, I had to ask for a frequency change again once I crossed.

  10. When I requested to cross 8L, since I had to get to the gates, you told me to hold short, when there was clearly no one landing or taking off. You then told me to cross after I already stopped at the runway.

I know this was a lot of feedback but I just wanted to let you know what you did wrong so you could improve. I would highly recommend getting a trainer if you haven’t already, mine helped me so much. I would also recommend you try controlling smaller airports with 2 parallel runways, since the intersecting runways seemed to confuse you a little bit. Lastly, read the ATC Manual if you haven’t already, it’s extremely helpful and it’s actually a pretty fun read. I hope my feedback helped and I hope to see you in the IFATC in the near future!!

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Thank you so much for your feedbacks. I remember every instances you described and will work harder to improve on those and more.

Open @ MMMX, Pattern works welcome, so are feedbacks.

I’ll join but like in a few Minutes

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Ok, take your time. See ya.

I’m coming now @kiNjaN

Sorry for all the chacos with me

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I was just giving the super decathlon a chance before it’s leaving

@kiNjaN Would you want me to give feedback here or pm?

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My sincere apologies

I should have never tried it out on a Tracking thread or on live

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PM please, thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by. It was nice seeing you.

Open at KFLL for some practice and feedbacks. Everyone welcome, bring your friends. It’s a beautiful day.

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