Kingfisher Airbus A330-200

Kingfisher Airlines operated many of these until their bankruptcy and closure. They were said to be a great airline, and also had orders for the A350 and A380.


I loved this livery and it was one of the first airlines that claimed to provide a truly five star experience, sadly I never got to fly Kingfisher but many did and said how good it was of a airline


Where did they operate from?


I never heard of them😶

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India. Owned by Indian Liquer boron vijay mallya.


I know this airline as they flew from the UK to India and went to smaller airports like Amritsar, the other alternative for around £500 was Air India which is absolutely shocking so for a similar price you could get Un matched levels of comfort in all classes

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Here is the welcome video


They were a true high quality airline… @Chatta290 that video is great!


I like this livery!


Sadly its not operated anymore

Looks beautiful!

I saw a photo of a a380

That was photoshopped. They had an order, but it was cancelled when they closed.

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RIP, should have given it to me! I would find something to do use it for!

Yeah, it was one of the biggest international carriers in the world. And was one of the best. Wish they were still around. @Dush19 would know about it.

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I do, the owner is wanted by our Govt now

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What do you mean? They don’t like him now?

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He didn’t show for court

And he did some illegal stuff with money

Oh, that’s bad. At least he started a good airline. But didn’t keep it running! :-(