King2’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone, this is my “ATC Tracking Thread” Feedback is always appreciated

  • Status Open

  • Airport:KFAT

  • Ground, Tower Frequency’s In Use

  • Arriving, Departing Runway’s {29L,29R}

            Thanks, King2

I’ll drop by in a few minutes

Thanks @Flying_Pencil

Howdy, @King2. Thank you for opening up today!

Overall, very solid work. You show a clear understanding of the concepts, and you were timely with pretty much all your commands. The only feedback I have from my end was the transition could’ve been given at 3000ft, rather than 3500ft. KFAT’s elevation is 330ish ft, tack on 2500 to get 2800ft, and round up to 3000ft. Not a big deal at all, though.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the recommendation.

I can only second @ToasterStroodie’s comment. That was a very solid Display of your ATC Knowledge!

My only issue was the late Clearence after my Runway Change. You can avoid this by always Clearing people as soon as they have been sequenced, that way you never forget to clear anyone.

Thank you for the patterns!


Sorry about that, I will apply that for the future.

I am now closed thanks @ToasterStroodie @Flying_Pencil for stopping by.

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