King of The Mountain Bush Race @ 4S6/55S/21W - 311557ZJUL16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Seattle

Airport: 46S Tieton State or 55S Packwood or 21W Ranger Creek

Day: Sunday, 31st of July

Time: 1557Z (Staging)

Race Start: Takeoff at 1600Z

Aircraft Type: Super Decathlon

NOTAM: This event is an exercise in energy management as we race up towards the summit of Mt. Rainier.

The rules are simple: Choose one of the 3 starting airports, takeoff at 1600Z, climb to the top as fast as you can, and land as close to the summit as you can. The winner is the pilot who lands closest to the summit in the least amount of time.

Although the Super D was never designed for this purpose, it is the closest thing to a bush plane that we have in IF. So don’t forget to bring some extra O2 and please forgive the lack of realism…

The choice of starting airports is intended to provide an element of strategy. Each starting location has pros and cons, so choose wisely.

@Down4Double organized and gave me the permission to host this event.


I have been on top of this Mt with my C208. Its fun!


This date has already passed. It should be Monday, July 25.

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Still says June. Lol.

Fixed! :):)

I’ll have to give it a try

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Trust me, it isnt easy.
Out of four only one made during the last event.

Is it 1700Z or 1600Z take off time as both are mentioned in the description?

Its at 1700Z, thanks for spotting thta

hows about that then on the side of mt rainier

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Nice! Do it with a Super D though…

I’ll give it a go later on

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I did it! 26 mins it took me :o

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Its rescheduled to 31st of July. It will start at 1600Z.

The event is today at 1600Z

Is this still happening?

I’ll come now

Sorry, I wasnt able to come. I’ll rechedule it to tomorrow.

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