King Air 250

The Beechcraft King Air 250
Credit: Textron Aviation King Air 250 Gallery

Why would this be good for IF?
To ultimately increase or enhance the GA fleet in IF. The main focus of the app has been large commercial or military aircraft and I believe there is large enough demand in the community to expand the GA fleet.

With the addition of the TBM930 last year, the IF developers seem to be pivoting toward the GA fleet for enhancement and or expansion and I offer the King Air 250 as a potential candidate. Primarily for the reason that the sim doesn’t have a GA dual engine turboprop aircraft.

Why the King Air 250?
Before putting this together I looked through past requests for Beechcraft aircraft. There was a recent feature request for the King Air 350i by DeerCrusher which received a fair amount of votes. So I hope to follow on to that request to further the expansion of the GA fleet with the King Air 250.

Based on the numbers, the 250 is comparable to the TBM930 but it would be the first dual engine turboprop for the sim - which would likely become a quick favorite for all of the GA pilots in the sim.

King Air 250 by the Numbers:
Max Cruise Speed 310ktas
Max Range 1720
Takeoff Distance 2111ft
Landing Distance 2845ft
Max Operating Altitude FL350
Max Climb 2450 FPM
Max Limit Speed 259 kias
Stall Speed 80 kcas

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 with 850 shp

Max Ramp 12590lbs
Max Takeoff 12500lbs
Usable Fuel Weight 3645lb
Usable Fuel Volume 544 gal
Basic Operating Weight 8830 lb
Useful Load 3760 lb
Max Payload 2170 lb

Length 43ft 10in
Height 14ft 10in
Wingspan 57ft 11in

Stats Credit: Beechcraft Textron Av King Air 250

I invent everyone to visit the links presented above to learn more about this aircraft and some of the other aircraft offerings from Beechcraft. You support and consideration for the 250 or the previous request for the 350i are greatly appreciated.

Rob O

Really good idea. Nicely made topic too. It would be a really handy little aircraft, relating with the TBM-930 that has Ben recently put in the game. Once again it’s a really nice idea. Having to visually see the luxury cabin inside would be great too. 👍

-I do not have votes left though. :I

Thanks for the support. If you get any votes available please support the 250 or the 350i. Both, would be great additions to the sim!

Rob O

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I LOVE This aircraft i think it would be perfect for <2 hour cruises around

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Smash in a vote if able! This aircraft would be a ton of fun to fly!!

Rob O

Why not the 350i?

If you like the 350i please support this feature request King Air 350i

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I love this but I already voted for the 350i!

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