King Abdulaziz Intl to Hong Kong

Here is flight that I have done in the MD-11. It’s been a while since i’ve flown the MD-11 but this was an thrilling flight non the less. Got some gorgeous shots of my departure, landing and Mount Everest from a distance. Hope you like them.

Parked at Terminal 1, Gate A17 at King Abdulaziz Intl

Pushing back to get ready for my departure on runway 34R

Night takeoff on 34R

Sunrise over Pakistan

Mount Everest from a distance. Took this shot when I was flying over Delhi Airspace

Here is a closer shot

Beautiful touchdown on runway 25L at Hong Kong

Scenic shot of the MD-11 and Boeing 747-8

Parked at Terminal 1 Midfield Concorse, Gate D213

Flight time 8 hours and 6 minutes
MD-11 China Airlines Livery
Cruising Altitude: 37,000ft
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Nice pictures but China Airlines…?

Whats wrong with China Airlines?

Sorry for being that realism police, but China Airlines doesn’t operate this route and is based in Taipei.

I did a little reasearch about the route and China airlines used to fly this route but it got terminated.

Alright, I guess your right, but seems weird for me 😂

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I am quite a stickler for realism, and I did not know this either. I know some 5th freedom routes that make sense (Emirates EWR-ATH) but this one is quite strange. I guess there wasn’t enough demand for a nonstop Taipei to Jeddah, so they added an extra stop in Hong Kong.