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This probably sounds strange and late, but I was wondering if having bought the app on the kindle fire, I could now somehow transfer it to android so that I can continue to use the app.

Thanks for your time.

Hello, No its not possible to transfer it to your android device.
You can only transfer the subscription. (via Google or Facebook)

Do you mean account or app if app no because it’s a different operating system if account just sign in on the new device.

Hey mate, it’s a good idea but not for support you can change it into #general.

He means amazon Fire kindle

To clarify, I bought IF on the kindle fire HD 7 (I think). It was back when it was first supported. Now that it no longer is, I was wondering if there was a way I could get it on my new phone (S10e) or if I had to buy it again.
I know its probably years too late but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if it was possible.


Changed it to #general.I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.

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He bought a Kindle Fire (An Amazon tablet which runs amazon’s OS, and their own app store)
And he was wondering if he could maybe transfer the purchase onto his Android phone.


No.Only if you log into the account with an active subscription (IF live).

Yeah, I’ve already addressed this.

He refers to pass the IF app + suscription from Kindle Fire to Samsung (S10e) or he has to buy it again.

If you have the same Google account in the kindle and in the (S10e) you can pass from one tho another without paying again.
I’m from IOS :)

Can you elaborate?

Did you buy the base app in Amazon kindle store? Stuff already said that you can use pro subscription across different platforms but not the actual app it self. Given ex. You can’t play game bought on ps4 store try to play on Xbox. Guys! if you don’t know what he saying…stop shifting categories, let the stuff give him advice. This is support questions. He is paying customer. Let him get good customer service.

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If you do not understand what he means don’t try to guess the solution.

Just to clarify it to you once again,
You bought the app in the kindle OS store, this means you cannot transfer the app to another OS, which means you have to pay for the app again, but if you do want to transfer your live subscription, just log in with your google/facebook account you were using on kindle.

With the same account of google on (s10e) you can pass the suscription, but not the app.

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