Kindle Fire not supported?

I have a Fire Tablet that I use to play this app, however it appears that some months ago you are not allowing the infinite flight to be down loaded to the fire. I have already spoken with Amazon support and they say it’s On the developer’s end. Please advise. If not, what is the best operating system for this app. Thanks

Thank you for contacting support! Unfortunately this update will not be released for Amazon devices. We will gauge Amazon demand at a later date to determine whether or not we will continue to support the Amazon App Store updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Your device doesn’t meet the device requirements due to Amazon store things. Check them out here:

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Kindle Fire does not support Infinite Flight Global Sorry!

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Thanks, can I get a refund of my annual fee i paid in july, as I have not been able to play , but in my phone, at its too small. I even tried a Samsung tablet, it did process right, graphics and movements very slow. So what operating system should I use?

You can use Android or iOS. Try contacting the Amazon Store (or schyllberg will tell you). Again, to see what devices will work, check out the link I sent you earlier.

To help you out with the issues regarding the devices you mention, i would need to know more about them. Models, operating systems (including version) and such.

When it comes to refunds, it’s not something we can do i’m afraid. This is an Amazon issue and not really a problem with the app.

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Also, I’m not sure if Amazon will offer a refund, as you said you bought it in July. As Schyllberg stated, could you give us the model of tablet and phone, OS of both, and what version of IF they are running?

Most kindle fires run an Amazon modded version of 5.0 android and higher, 1gb of ram on the hd6 (The kindle I own) and 7. It ran post global perfectly however the kindle just doesn’t have the hardware to meet the new requirements it seems which is a shame

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You mean Pre-Global?