Kindle Fire for IF

I’m in the market for a tablet and I was wondering what IF is like on the Kindle Fire HD. I’m looking for information on graphics, smoothness and just overall experience. Thanks!

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It’s amazing! Aside from sole sound lags (Which I think hit fixed in the new Android Hotfix update) and the weird ATC voice

And u can’t record on it (unless you use QuickTime Player on a Mac)

Its smooth and doesn’t lag? Assuming I have good connection of course

And do you have the HD 8 or 10?

Not sure, lemme check :)

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I have an HD7

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Thank you sir. I think I might go head and get one then.

Which one? HD10?

I think I’m just gonna get the HD 7. If I can still get a smooth experience for that low of a price I can’t pass it up.

True, good luck on the purchase!

PS: depending on your storage and graphics settings, it should run smoothly