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Upgraded my Amazon device to find can no longer use the application, yet was quite happy to play on the old one (which I reset and gave to my daughter). So what now? Have seen previous threads on this topic that are now closed, which prevents me from commenting on them. Is this app now no longer available to me on this device, and if so, have I lost the money I have paid out for aircraft and scenery etc? I was more than happy with the app in its current form on my old device without the much talked of upgrades etc; have to say I am somewhat less than happy now…

If you are using your old device then everything should be fine. All you have to do is sign into your apple store or google play account that you used to purchase the app and the subscription (If you had one) then head to the app download and you should be able to download the app for free.

If you had purchased aircraft before the global update you can restore your purchase by going into your app then into the aircraft selection and clicking “restore purchase.”

If you are using your new device it is possible that the app is not available for that specific device as Amazon does not have IF anymore on their store.

Infinite Flight is no longer supported on Amazon Kindle Devices, unfortunately.


Adding on to what @Transport_Hub said, although you can still use Infinite Flight in devices that it previously downloaded on, I’m pretty sure the app has been taken off of Amazon’s Cloud and therefore can’t be downloaded on new devices. You might try contacting Amazon and see if they can help you move it.

Haha! I have a correction for both of you:
Infinite Flight is no longer supported on the Amazon App store, but Kindle Fire Tablets are essentially Android devices that have been modified by Amazon. You are still able to use Google applications, and APK

I’m not in any way suggesting you go find an infinite flight APK, because that is technically illegal.

If you have a Kindle fire HD6, HD8, HD9 or HD10 this will allow you to install the play store onto your device. The HD7 is not supported. Whilst the HD6 will run global nicely, the other 3 are a little less powerful than its predecessor and may not run very well.

If you have any issues, give me a shout. I’ve taken many people through this process, including myself 😉 so I’m happy to help 🙂


You are indeed a star Sir! Have done as you’ve suggested and all ok, the only (slight) niggle is I’ve had to buy it again, and all previous aircraft I guess, but hey ho, will be worth it. Trying to work out a way to get the London scenery back at the moment as on my old version, but perhaps this no longer is available.
Anyhow, many very grateful thanks for your excellent recommendation.

Not a problem! There are a surprising number of users that still use kindle fires, myself included with a HD6, so I’m always ready to help in this scenario!

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