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I run a flight sim club for students at schools and I need to get a few more devices. At the moment I’m thinking about doing what I’ve already done and get some more iPads, but I’m curious to see if anyone has successfully installed the google play store apk on a kindle fire 7 and run Infinite flight. It doesn’t have to be high graphics, as long as it can run for an hour or so without issue on fly solo. Don’t need love flights.

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Hey Ethan!

I just has a quick look through the topic below, and it seems that the only Kindle tablet there is the Kindle Fire 6. It seems to work pretty well with decent graphics. I suggest taking the topic a look as it could answer some of your questions!


@BCBlueberriesAir another affordable tablet that would run without the apk is a Nexus 7. I have a very old one (7 years) and it can still run Infinite Flight very well on solo.

Does it run IF global or old IF with regions only?

Is this version of Infinite Flight paid for directly off Google Play? (Just for clarification).

Yes, I got it off Google Play

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It can run Global!

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Great! If you want a global + multiplayer experience, you need a subscription and Google Play Accoutn per device, as no 2 can fly at the same time.

Hiya, sorry for dropping in on this one a little late.

@BCBlueberriesAir would you perhaps know the model of kindle fire in question? If it’s the 201 8 Kindle Fire 7 (as in the cheap one on Amazon) you will not be able to run Infinite Flight Global at all. You can download and install the older, pre global version just fine, and it should run at medium graphics, however none of the HD series past the 6 actually have the ability to support the global version of the app. Even if you sideload the play store, it will automatically install the older version.

If you’re after a decent android tablet, I’d 100% recommend a Google Pixel C tablet (just make sure it’s not one with the screen issues…). I own one and use it myself, and for a 4 year old tablet it performs near flawlessly 🙂

I’m currently using the IPad 9.7 inch (6th generation) and it works amazing with amazing graphics I personally recommend it!

Use Black friday and get some more cheap iPads, trust me its more worth it.

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I bought a new Fire 7 and it can run IF global, albeit on low settings.

I’d love a Pixel C but it’s still a bit pricey relative to the £30 Fire 7

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