Kinder Bueno Boeing 747-400

When people decide to use planes as part as their advertisement campaign

Looks like the original photo was actually a Qantas B744 lol

Psst! Tell me if it doesn’t belong to RWA :)


Interesting, a chocolate 747, I used to eat those chocolates when I was a kid😢. But nice plane👍🏽


Nice add!!

Let’s keep it in #real-world-aviation as it makes more sense then in general.


I never saw this add on the Kinder eggs.

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Me either, but once the surprise that I founded in an Kinder egg was a plane!

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Those were my favourites.

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Looks like 20° of flaps for me.

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would love this plane but i have to go against my grain and be honest we should only have planes that are used in real life

Can’t believe you guys are actually talking about flaps 😂

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