Kinda need little help

not really an issue in infinite flight but… for some reason my phone keeps warm for like a while when charging and i had no background apps and on solid space its still might be hot

This can happen just because of how intense Infinite Flight can be on the device mostly during long hauls. I recommend putting it by a fan or an air vent, turn your brightness as low as possible when possible, and lower all settings within Infinite Flight.

Hope this helps!


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It’s normal for devices to get warm while charging. A soft reset of your device may help resolve things.

For the future, please avoid posting issues that aren’t related to Infinite Flight.

If your device is heating up because of IF, then that would be okay to post here.

A phone will get warm when charging, especially if charging at a fast rate. Nothing wrong here

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Like this?


See this link for general iPhone/android overheating help and support:


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