Kinda bored

I’m kinda bored
Does anyone wanna do some midair refueling or something? Expert server would be my preferred server.


Yep do you wanna spawn at McDill AFB I will be the refueler

Haha sure, give me a minute!

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No problem

Sorry, could you please give me the ICAO code of the airport?

Edit: nvm I’ve found it

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14,000 ft
335 ias for me
And I will go over gulf

You can take off first! I’ll be right behind you.

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Sounds giod

Who was that?

Someone else, let them join!

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the A10 performance isn’t that great, I’ll be hanging out behind you guys for a bit

I am turning left 161 @14,000 feet

Slow down please!!!

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Are you ok you had it nearly perfect then you went up

wanna try again?

pleeeease slow down more

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Ok and yes

Dropping to 245 ias

Heading 335

Thanks for the fuel!