KIND9624's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed!] @ N/A

This just a continuation of my old one that I can’t edit or anything because it’s so old.

Welcome to my tracking thread! Here I’ll be posting where and when I am open. Please do come out for some patterns and (hopefully) good ATC! Feedback is appreciated.

Airport: KORD
Time: Closed
Runways: Departure & Landing: 27R, 27L, 22R, 22L, 28R,
28C, and 28L.

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I will be open at KDTW for at least an hour. Come by for some patterns!

Departure and Landing Runways 4L, 4R, 3L and 3R.

On my way! N4EM. :)

I am also on my way. Random GA callsign lol

Lol @KIND9624 the only reason I reported final and called inbound (on final) is because I never got cleared…that’s also why I went around.

Nice job! A couple notes on my end. When I got the runway change, I got a pattern entry but no sequence, even though I was number 2 (which you put in your option clearance). The sequence has to happen every time in multiple aircraft scenarios. You also called my base on that final pattern and took me all the way out to the end of the marker, even though the only other aircraft for the runway had landed and none were waiting for takeoff. Not exactly sure why you did that. Otherwise perfect from what I saw!

Ya I took you to the end just to make sure there was no issue with the plane on 4L.

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I will be open at KIND for at least an hour. Come by for some patterns!

Departure Runways: 23L, 23R and 14
Landing Runways: 23L and 23R

Only open for around 15 more minutes!

Great work, everything was great.

Two minor things:

  • I requested runway change to 23R , you told me enter left downwind 23R.
    If aircraft is still on departure line when he request change you can give him right pattern instead of left for R runway, if no one take off from R runway or no interfere.

  • Stay tunned on your radar screen. You forget my exit runway comand. If the aircraft slow speed below 60kts. when touching down, give “exit runway when able”.

Hope to see you soon again.
Regards. Dani.

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My callsign WH170

Good controlling

but you want to send commands an example is to tell me to turn base on runway 23L.

Really? Are you sure about that?

Let me check my replay

No, are sure it’s necessary…

You gave me the option to land

Sometimes when the airspace is busier you can tell pilots to when to turn base or you can say ill call your base

This will get you in the habit of controling when the airspace gets busier

But like you said is it necessary thats your choice

This is incorrect.

The only time you use “extend downwind” or “I’ll call your base” and “turn base” is when you have aircraft in the pattern and need to fit a departure out. You use those commands to make that space.

Commands like that will only clutter up a busy airspace. Sequencing is a controllers friend as far as getting aircraft to follow each other. As a pilot it’s your job to know when to turn base and fly a pattern.

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@tomthetank thanks for your response

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Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page! Gotta take care of my trainee, you know?


Airport: KORD
Time: At least until 2019-04-13T01:40:00Z
Runways: Departure & Landing: 27R, 27L, 22R, 22L, 28R,
28C, and 28L.

Edit: Closed

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