KIND Airport Departure procedure broken?

So, I was looking for departures coming out of KIND (Indianapolis Int’l) and saw that the only departure was leading out of an airport much further south?


Nope, it should be normal. That departure should just take you to those waypoints South of KIND. Not all airports have departure procedures in every direction. Like MJ said below as well, NavBlue is sometimes slow to update procedures, so you could always use other procedures and manually input them on IF.

Infinite Flight gets there procedures from a database called NavBlue. It can take awhile for NavBlue to update but you can just take a look at this here and input the waypoints by hand

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Hey Cpt_Scott,

Cooper mainly answered this topic already, but just to add on the DAWNN1 departure offers two transitions with one at MYS and one at IIU. This is totally normal! This just means that this departure is catered towards the south and is a longer SID.

I double checked this with a ForeFlight procedure and this seems to be accurate to how it is in real life! I hope you have a nice flight from Indy!


Ah ok, thank you, and everyone else. I was a bit confused and thought the sim was broken, but thanks for explaining it👍

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