Kincade Aerial Fire Support @ KMCC - 290600ZOCT19

  • Aircraft and Livery: McDonnell Douglas DC-10F / 10 Air Tanker Carrier

  • Route: KMCC LIAMM LERIY PUGYI 3842N/12216W 3847N/12235W 3844N/12237W 3841N/12238W 3840N/12232W JULUK UZIZY JARNU WOSKI WOODO KMCC

  • Time of Departure: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 6:00 AM / 0600Z

  • Server: Casual

  • Additional Information:

We will be departing out of KMCC (Sacramento McClellan) heading directly towards the Kincade fire that is still actively burning in Northern California. Spawn at Runway 16 and move off the runway to allow room for other aircraft as there are no other available spawn points. Once our aircraft are in position near the Santa Rosa/ Calisoga mountains we will make three coordinated drops. When our tanks are empty we will head back to KMCC to load more fire retardant. Total flight time should be a little under an hour. Keep close to the aircraft ahead of you so that you can follow the proper line, but make sure to maintain safe clearance.

I tried to create the realistic flight plan that 10 Air Tanker Carrier, Tanker 912, flew earlier Monday, October 28th. 3841N/12238W will be our drop site, Mt St. Helena. Drops will be anywhere between 3800’-4300’ flying roughly 175knots. Make left turns after retardant drops climbing to 5300’.

  • Weight:

Fuel Tanks: 31,000lbs/ 14,250kg
Cargo: 113,692lbs/ 51,570kg

  • Flight Plan:

This is what we will be attempting to fly. FP may be slightly off. Only had a limited amount of time to create.

Fun fact: The DC-10 aircraft that we will be flying in the game is the exact same plane that flew this route earlier today, Tanker 912.


@RotorGuy is currently kindly spotting the fire for us in the TBM. He will lead us in for each drop!

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Nice flight idea! Sadly i currently don’t have time for that. Maybe you could also make a group flight in 10 hours for the europeans


Thanks for the kind words. Maybe tomorrow I can create a flight with 747 SuperTanker. I believe they flew a mission last Sunday


Flew earlier today too

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Just spawned in! Come join

Engines spooling. Preparing for takeoff

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Follow @RotorGuy, Fire482, for drop. 3833N/12246W are the coordinates

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Cool event!
I wish I could come, but I’m currently in St Helena powerless…I can almost hear you guys overhead

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