Kilahuea Eruption Afecting Our Short Hawaii Flights?

Yesterday, Kilahuea volcano erupted in Hawaii, specifically on Hilo island… On the Real World, Hilo is currently only having a visibility of 6 miles:

However, on IF, there seems to be no problem with the weather, since its suposed to be linked to real world, this could also be on #support, or maybe #real-world-aviation, however this seems to be something more like an issue in te live server… As you can see in the next images, there is no such thing as a visibility of 6 miles:

Lets hope thos gets fixed and maybe to look into the weather sync… Thanks, Zadarad (AlanWeit)

Depends on the type of visual obstruction. Fog is rendered in the game, anything more than that is not. Including volcanic ash.

Yeah, but however, there is a possibilty to set the visibility on solo, which would mean that Live could also have that feature, for example, i remember once flimying in mexico while having fog, and there was Actually fog

Scary for the people living there, great graphics for Infinite Flight. lol

Yeah xd, i just saw a vid of a street being claimed by lava

Please link me, i wanna see this

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Flights can operate in 6mi visibility so far as I know, I think the real problem here would be if they low vis is caused by ash, that can bring down aircraft (as it did to a BA 747…)

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I recently saw that episode on Air Disasters. That was wild. Though it didn’t technically bring it down, it still caused the accident.


It was closer to going down than the previous days flight😂

The issue with the weather sync has already been reported multiple times and is being looked into.

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Thank you, you could close the thread but as you wish

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