Kieran_Ratcliffe's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

hey guys like last night i’m active on KMIA training server in order to get better at controlling traffic ur help is much appreciate

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I think there are more threads about this

Hey! I suggest making this into a Tracking Thread if you’re going to be regularly opening.

tbh i’m doing other airport to practice greater use of atc

Yup! If you’re doing this multiple times make this into a tracking thread so people can come back every time you open! It’s a really great way to practice and it definitely one of the best ways to persue becoming IFATC if that is your goal!

Hi there,
Just a friendly reminder, find an airport with a pair of parallel runways before moving to intersecting runways or even airports with multi runways, that will definitely help you with building up your skills walk before you can run.


okay i’ll go back to egcc tomorrow then or another airport with parallels or just one runway

One runway is not really suggested for the learning process as no one can request runway change to sharpen your skills

This is incorrect. It’s actually better to start at single runway airports and then transition to the multiple runway airports.

In fact, that’s how the IFATC training program is.


ahh yh fair then egcc or another one many thanks for help

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Are you currently open? If so, where?

yep prob until 2200 BST

sorry gonna move up to KFLL

correction Movement to KFLL

how long will you be open?

until 2200 BST (british summer time) 2100Z

In this case everybody is allowed to have his own

until 2100Z

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