Kieran_Ratcliffe's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

hey guys i’m trying to become atc so i’m order i need more practice i’m gonna at EGCC from 1950Z to prob 2100Z today plz be patient with me 🤣

apologise i’m am always learning

Why did you put me on 23L, 23R would have been fine. When I requested crossing you said please expedite. That is used when there is traffic on final or you need to move me fast. There was no one on final for 23R. thats all.

i usually use 23L for takeoffs or touch and goes then 23R for landings if i had atis then it would of been instructed however being on the training server people have to follow atc commands

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Are you still open in 20 minutes? Then I could come

There is no command for that in the atis and all available runways should be used. You could have instead cleared me for takeoff at 23r and then put me into the pattern for 23L. I still don’t understand why you couldnt have pattern for 23R since there was little traffic. That is when sequencing is used.

Are you still open @Kieran_Ratcliffe?

^^wondering the same.

His name should be butter so check to see if thats the one controlling TG

no he’s not.

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