Kid Asked to Remove T-Shirt before boarding because it has a Picture of a Snake

Most of us know that airport security is there for our safety and most of the things they do make sense (maybe except confiscating my water gun (still in the packaging) back in 2009) but some things will still baffle people like this… What can be said about this?


This is like confiscating your phone because you looked up a picture of a firework 😂
Completely unnecessary


Its the same reason a t-shirt with a fake suicide vest printed on it isn’t allowed on board an aircraft.

I’m not sure if this could freak out the passengers, but it’ll be better for him to change it anyways. 🤣

This is worse than the no water bottles rule.

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It’s Snakes on a plane’s fault


Even as a person with Ophidiophobia (or something like that), I must say this is pretty excessive. Obviously if it was a picture of a bomb this would be appropriate action, but it’s a picture of an animal. Also, I don’t believe there’s a set rule against wearing shirts with potentially dangerous animals, so how was the kid supposed to know not to wear it?

I do understand that this might cause distress to some passengers, but I am a bit unsure wether it’s actually the job of security to act as it’s not a safety related thing.

Should have been up to the flight’s crew to decide in my opinion.

Would have been completely different if it would have been something safety critical like some things mentioned above in my opinion, where a removal by security would be adequate in my opinion.

I don’t get the point of confiscating a little boy’s shirt.

I read the article and saw the Pic and I understand why it became an issue. It looks pretty realistic at first glance.

Good thing he and his family weren’t dragged off the plane or anything else but rather just asked to turn the t-shirt inside out. If I saw that on someone and I was already inboard I would freak out.

In reality this happened in South Africa, my home. And a snake is considered a bad omen bringing bad luck to those it encounters. Yeah I know Africa has the Cape Cobra and the Puff Adder snake, 2 of the most poisonous snakes on earth but look at it from a cultural point of view. African people are taught that a snake is a bad creature and thus anyone who has had a bad experience(like me) or had been raised by local traditional cultures and customs would see this as a bad thing.

Just my 2c worth.

Oh, I did not know it was a cultural thing.

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Easy just put on a hoodie no problems

I understand.

The media won’t tell anyone this for sake of making money at the expense of others. I’ve had my fair share of encounters with the puff adder in rural areas while hiking. They are not to be messed with at all! But I just thought I’d shed some light on the situation. Glad you understand it now.

That’s ridiculous

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Ridiculous and waste of time :( 🤬

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Uhh. Are you sure this is a reliable news source? South African does not have any flights to New Zealand.

Also, In my opinion it was the right thing to do. I would for sure feel uncomfortable if I woke up on a flight only to be looking at giant picture of a snake.o

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@Josh_Tomaz noce point. Check too and they don’t have flights. So could be Fake! :)

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But unless your staring directly at the boys chest you won’t see it so just don’t look at him. Nice catch on the destination though

I’ve checked other websites and it was reported on 5 major news websites.
I doubt it’s fake when it’s also been reported on 3 major news outlets in South Africa.

Also a lot of South Africans travel to and from New Zealand via various destinations and airlines. There are no direct flights between the 2 counties but the travel demand between the two destinations have sharply increased in recent years.

It could’ve found its way onto the wing…