Kicking myself offline

Can I get ghosted if my throttles get cut for another device logging in? It would be useful for remotely ending a flight.

Short answer, Yes. If you are tuned in to the ATC (Approach or Tower) while mid-Air, you will get ghosted for not following instructions. At that point it is suggested to leave the game entirely in order to avoid them.

But what do you mean by “remotely” ending the flight?

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He means ending flight when he arrives to his destination, without landing. If you spawn into a server on another device then you’re throttles will get cut but that’s also a good way to lose your account in violation of IF’s terms of service. Just be near your device when you arrive to your destination, or land and end your flight 😮

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While this may sound good in principle, it is against the TOS, and also will likely lead to you getting violations as your plane effectively falls out of the sky. When you get 5 of these violations, then you will get ghosted, so yes, you can.


Why is it again TOS (is simutaneous login against TOS or something)?
I guess if I can still get violations even when disconnected then it’s just gonna be the “divert from atc” trick against to avoid crashing in atc airspace.

You can’t play with the same account on two devices. This is stated in the ToS, and was created (most likely) to prohibit account sharing, where multiple people play simultaneously on one account.

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I see something in the ToS against account sharing but I actually don’t see anything against using more than one device (and I would assume many people do?)

You’re allowed to use more than one device. You just can’t use multiple at the same time.

oh lol yeah obviously not. And I’m dumb for thinking violations cannot happen offline. This can be closed.