kicking me out

So ive been playing infinite flight lately and it has been kicking me out of the app about 5 minutes into the flight. And sometimes it right before i land. could i get some help?


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Do you have a strong internet connection?
If its a problem with the internet you’re using, try restarting your router.

Here are some tips:

  • Try restarting your device.
  • Try changing networks
  • Turn limit frame rate “on”
  • Restart your router
  • Try clearing all background apps

Could you provide us with the type of device you were using and what your settings were when this happens?


That usually means your game crashes check this:

General tips regardless of device:

  • Turn Limit Frame Rate ON (box should be ticked) if you notice that your device tends to heat up or if you are experiencing lag. A device that heats up too much is more likely to suffer performance degradation which could lead to lag and app crashes.
  • Infinite Flight doesn’t take up a specific amount of storage, it can change depending on the area you’re flying in etc. We therefore recommend that you always have at least 1GB of storage available on your device.
  • Before longer flights, it is advised to reboot your device and close any apps running in the background to enhance your experience.
  • It is possible to fly and charge the device at the same time. The key to this is to use less power than being charged. One way to accomplish this is lower your screen brightness and ensure Infinite Flight’s low power mode is enabled.
  • Disable active ad or message blocking apps
  • Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device
  • Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device
  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings
    1. Lower the Rendering Resolution setting.
    2. Disable Anti-Aliasing.
    3. Lower the Rendering Quality setting.
    4. Lower the Texture Quality setting.

At any point if you’re experiencing decreased performance, “Limit frame rate” should always be ticked. This setting can have a great negative impact on performance unless your device is considered high performance.

General iOS tips:

  • One great thing to do before launching Infinite Flight, is to perform a soft restart of the device. This is a quick and reliable way of making sure your device is operating at peak efficiency. This is done by holding down the power/lock button until you see “Slide to power off”. Then hold down the home button until you’re returned to the home screen. For iOS devices without a Home button, a restart is recommended as the soft restart feature does not exist on those.
  • Make sure you don’t have “Low power mode” on your iPhone. If you have, the battery icon in the top right corner is yellow. This can be deactivated from Settings → Battery, or from “Control Center” depending on how you have it set up. Having “Low power mode” enabled while using Infinite Flight could result in a performance degradation.
    Note : This is not the same as “Low power mode” in Infinite Flight. This is a device function.

General Android tips:

  • Make sure you have Android Battery Saver disabled. Having this enabled can cause a lot of degradation in terms of both storage, performance and network.
  • Newer Android devices may work fine with Anti-Aliasing on. Turning this off can help performance for older/less powerful Android models.
  • Some devices (ie Samsung) may have a Game Tuner app to enhance the performance of games. While some users have not seen an issue there is a number who have. It is best to run IF by itself instead of through a game tuner.

If none of the suggestions above helps:

As a final resort, reset the device to factory settings. Be sure to back up all important data on your device first.


You could also try updating your device’s software.


I was using an iPadAir and an iPhone 6. And I was at KLAX. I almost wonder if it is all the planes at KLAX.

This should never be the first option.

Graphic settings could have something to do with it for sure.
Either your graphics are too high,
Or, your RAM is being overused. That’s my guess

Hi there.

First, a few questions:

  • When it quits do you get an error popup or does it just force close?
  • You mentioned you have two devices, does it happen on both devices?
  • Does it happen every flight or only when you are at a busy airport?
  • What are your current IF graphics settings? A screen shot of the settings from the main menu (not while flying) would be helpful.
  • How much free storage space do you have left?
  • Are you running iOS 13 beta? Beta is not supported by Infinite Flight at this time.

All of the suggestions around graphics settings are valid. Depending on your device if your graphics are set too high it could be hitting a device limit. Especially with a large number of planes.

Rebooting your device is always the first step to see if it helps followed by closing all background apps and adjusting your graphics settings. Re-installing Infinite Flight should be a last resort since it will erase any un- exported replay files. You are welcome to go down this route if you choose but first back up any replay files you wish to keep.

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It just force closes.
It happens on both devices
I have only been flying out of LAX and haven’t tried any other airport.
I am at school right now so I’ll take a screenshot when I get home.
I don’t know how much storage I have but I will screenshot that when I get home too
I am not running iOS 13 Beta. I am using iOS 12

I updated software and deleted and reinstalled the app.

If it’s a storage issue consider deleting replay files!

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But if your software is up to date?

And welcome to the IFC

Consider moving them to cloud storage first if you ever want to see them again.

Maybe some people never want to see replays again, but others would like to save them. We should be suggesting the route that allows them to retain access while also removing the load on local storage space first.


So I think I debunked it. I did a flight today from KMSP-KLAX. It did not kick me out. But just now I tried to load a flight at KLAX. And then in kicked me out there but not in Minneapolis.

The only time it kicks me out is when I’m in London On expert or at LAX in training. But otherwise if I spawn at a different airport with not that many to no people, it won’t kick me out.

Try to lower you airplane count in settings

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