Kicked out of the game

Operating system:Huawei
When ever I got in, it kicked me…

Welcome to the community! We need more information to understand your problem, did it say anything? Was it a crash?

If you opened the app and it closed immediately, the app or your device may have to be updated or restarted. It is also possible that depending on the age and current update of your device is not enough for IF to run. If it crashes in flight, you can try to restart your device before starting and lower scenery and plane count settings.

Sometimes if you have to much information or apps running in the background it will kick you. Just close some apps and disable “app background refresh”. If that doesn’t work, then it might me a internet problem or something else.

Welcome to the community!

Something stands out to me in your device’s description: you’re using a Huawei device. Could you please provide more details about it - what’s the model of your Huawei tablet, and what operating system is it running (Android or Harmony OS)?

This information is crucial when troubleshooting, especially in this instance - Huawei is banned from using Google services, and Infinite Flight is only officially available on the Google Play Store for Android. If you’re using a device released after the Google ban took effect, your only means of downloading Infinite Flight would be through unofficial sources. Downloading the app from such sources is not advised, as the app may have been tampered with, and there is no official support for it - meaning that any issues you may encounter while using it are to be expected and will not be fixed.

I was trying to download infinite flight simulator but when got in, it kicked me out with no reason. Maybe a Glitch? So i got in again, but it didnt work…I m so sad because i have a logbook to share. Can you tell me what happen? :(

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Welcome to the community!
Earlier last year, Google officially announced the termination of the cooperation with Huawei, so Huawei will no longer support any of Google’s services (including downloading apps). Therefore, it is possible that your problem cannot be solved.

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