Kicked out of session?

First off, thank you devs for giving us an amazing update on the 4th. Your work has not been unnoticed and we are greatly appreciated. One quick question though…
When I go out of IF to IFAssistant for a minute, and back to IF to resume my flight, it kicks me out of the live server. Is this supposed to happen? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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If you do this for a longer time period, yes. It is actually supposed to do that.


You’re not supposed to leave the IF app for any reason for a long periods of time, or it’ll kick you out of the server.

If you are on ground or tower, app/dep etc leaving the app for prolonged periods of time (around 40 seconds) will cause you to lose connection, it shouldn’t happen on Atis.

So if I tune out of any frequency and leave the app for a minute and come back, I should still be connected on the server?

Possibly, but theres other things in place to stop people abusing this new system so you could be kicked either way. If on the ground though tune into Atis and try it that way, obviously there is a need to leave the app in some cases like that to turn on IFA so that’s what I do

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