Kicked out of grade 3 for leaving a flight,

Hey all, I noticed my home airport was staffed and jumped on to a expert server and prepared for flight. Whilst planning I noticed all the planes around my were a different airline to mine. So I closed my flight to change airline. When I clicked fly, I now don’t have the requirements. I’m very confused since I jumped in a flight as grade 3 and then left as grade 2 without any violation or anything.

Hey! There could be a number of things that could of made that happen. Mind sharing your stat table? You may of not of reached a grade 3 requirement after leaving the flight such as the landing in 90 day rule of you left in the middle of the flight.

Its possible it may be a bug. Try refreshing the app. If not, could you show us your status table within the 90 days?

Sure, it says I don’t have enough landings

despite being able to enter expert before.

Right you probably violated this parameter this flight and were on the edge of this requirement. The grade requirements changed after 20.1 so that could of had an affect of putting you back to being “on the edge” which resulted in a demotion. So to sum it up since you did not get that landing that flight you do not qualify to be grade 3 right now.

I don’t quite understand,

So basically you were right on the edge of having that grade 3 status. After that flight you no longer had the required stats to enter the expert server thus why you cannot enter the expert server.

The 90 day landing could be feasible, but I can’t delete landings.

As you can see, you need 100 landings in order to be on grade 3, you only have a total of 77. Also, you only have 11 landings within the 90 days, you need 30. You do not meet the requirements to be on expert server, that’s why you were kicked from it.

Yes but I was able to get into expert a few moments before. I wasnt kicked, I just left.

Well its a bug, nothing to argue here. Infinite Flight changed its requirements to enter Grade 3. It seems like the system mis-read your info/requirements. Nothing to worry, just reach the required landings then you should be back on Grade 3.

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