Kicked out game

Hey guys,
I need your help!
Im using my ipad to play infinite flight and it worked couple months ago.
But now i bought a pro subscription again and it keeps kicking me out and when i start a new flight it says
“Account already being used on a different device”
But i only play it on my ipad.
Do any of you guys know what i can do about it?
Thank you in advance :)

Hey! I am sorry that this is happening to you. I’ve never had this problem, or if I just leave a flight and try to go on a new one too quickly, then it would say it, then it would let me in. One option is to make sure no one else in your family has their Infinite Flight account connected to yours. Or another option is that your IFC account is connected to Infinite Flight, then I would change the password to the account as it might of potentially of gotten hacked. You could also maybe turn of 2 step verification. I am not 100% sure if this would work, or if it’s a possibility, but I am hoping for the best for you and that you get this fixed!

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Hey! I would recommend emailing where you can get some proper advice and support on something like this.

Someone may know though, so best of luck!

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I would start very simple;
Device restart.

No reason to suspect hacking or similar. Never seen a case of this so far, and we’ve been doing this for a number of years.


Thank you guys so much for responding so quickly!
I fixed the problem
My nephew had my apple id on his ipad and downloaded the game too so thats why it kept kicking me out.
Anyway thanks for the help! :))


All good in the hood then :)