Kicked out from the expert server

Hello everyone,
I have a subscription for about one year now and I really like this game (Congratulations to all those who contribute to improve this game) I m a big fan of Flight Simulator X and I find that there is more interaction with IF. I was unfortunately kiked out from the expert server. I checked my violation rate and it is below 50%. The problem, is that i have maybe been ghosting 5 times or more during the begining( practice) and I wanted to know if there was a solution to return to the expert server because I do not want to pay for the others servers that are not serious.
My subscription ends tomorrow so I would like to know if I should continue or stop.
Many thanks in advance and sorry for my English, I m from Switzerland :)

If I’m not mistaken, it’s 15 ghosts for you to be banned from expert. Can you please share a picture of your grade table? Find this by clicking your live display name, and then your grade.

Only 5 ghostings in a 365 day period, 15 ghostings to be permanently removed from the server.

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Yes what I said, but 365 days without expert server is a lot

If you’re correct, the ghosts shouldn’t be an issue.

So I don t know why I can t anymore…

Please review the link to the Expert Server Requirements provided above. There’s not a whole lot to discuss here as everything is covered in the that link.