Kicked out after landing 380 LAX-ATL, received zero landing credit

My A380 flight from LAX to ATL ran smoothly until I touched down and hit the RT and was headed to the gate. System failed, exited and ended without any credit given for landing. System was running well without skips/glitches. Even had the VPN off…

Device:iPad 9. 17.3.1: 30GB / 64GB used.

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Just to make sure that you landed past the threshold and not before. Landing before will not count your landing, you must land on the RWY.

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Hey thanks…don’t think that was the issue. I was within parameters…the system just took a dump and shut down the sim.

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Are you sure it actually didn’t give the credit? It could also just be a glitch where it doesn’t display the correct amount of XP you earned

If you screenshot the XP Earned and Flight Duration, we can do a quick check and determine if you received landing XP. It’s a simple formula. Let us know what the log book shows.

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